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Altura = elevated place (español).
Leadership development: executive coaching, systemic team coaching, and facilitation of group learning. All based on the belief that great minds do not, in fact, think alike.

My programmes recognise that striving for high performance alone is not enough, whether working one-on-one, with teams, or with cross-functional groups. We need to go one step further and think about ongoing high value creation. We need to ask "what really matters here, both to me and to my key stakeholders, and what is going to matter in the future?"

What are some of the challenges I've helped with?

Individuals experiencing negative self-talk, which gets in the way of presence, impact and influence.
Teams feeling that their differences are hindering open communication and collaboration.
Organisations wanting to shift the behaviours of their line management population to get the best out of - and retain - talent.
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Laura is a natural coach possessing not only coaching competencies at the highest level, but also innate qualities such as extraordinary empathy, curiosity and attentiveness for other human beings. Additionally, her experience and understanding of the business world make her an incredibly effective executive coach. If you want to move forward and achieve meaningful professional and personal goals, Laura can help you to do so!
Natalia Zalesinska
Academy of Executive Coaching
Laura has a passion for coaching, and having worked together for several years there is no doubt that she has the skills to match her passion. I would certainly recommend law firms and other organisations looking to offer coaching to their employees, and individuals looking to organise their priorities and manage their professional lives to reach out to Laura for support.
Christopher Hitchins
Katten Muchin Rosenman
Having the opportunity to meet and work with Laura has been life changing. When I began working with her, I was questioning the purpose of my career. Throughout the whole process, she made me feel very comfortable and helped me dig into my feelings to find a clear path for my professional career, with a focus on what is truly important to me. Thanks to the coaching sessions, I was able to set objectives, make clear decisions and embrace new job opportunities from a completely different angle.
Reyes Barrera
Tod’s Group
I have had the pleasure of knowing Laura for many years, and she is one of a kind. She has been brilliant to work with, and is a consummate professional. She has always gone above and beyond, and in a corporate world full of empty promises, she has always stuck by her word and supported others around her. Laura has been a brilliant coach for a number of people I know, who have said how much of a tangible difference she has made to them and their career outlook. I would highly recommend working with Laura in her exciting coaching business.
Samuel Clague
The Stephen James Partnership
I highly recommend Laura as a coach; my experience with her was excellent. She is a master of communication- her active listening skills, empathy and emotional intelligence make her a natural coach. Laura’s work on making you reflect, even if it is rather uncomfortable at times, is always done with patience and kindness and really gets results.
Antonio Somé Carrillo
Laura is a fantastic coach! Having worked with her over several months, I saw first hand the passion and knowledge she brings to coaching. Her personable yet professional approach immediately put me at ease, especially given the virtual nature of the sessions. Laura has an amazing ability to frame, position and challenge to allow you to solve the problem in question. Throughout our sessions, we worked through various topics, each with tailored approaches and methods. Working towards specific goals allowed us to really focus on outcomes and opening my mind to new approaches and thinking. The impact these sessions had, and continues to have, on my career development is huge. I would recommend Laura to anyone.
Carrie-Anne Cremin

Leadership Development with Laura Simpson

I partner with individuals and teams to gain clarity on where they are now and where they need to get to; to develop vision, to pave out a roadmap to reach their goals, and to increase resilience and agility. A big believer in taking a whole-person view of any work which centres behaviour change, I help professionals to understand and leverage their purpose, values and strengths, as well as to discover their immunity to change. Crucially, I know that effective change work means going further than devising plans, expressing good intentions, and talking about things in abstract. It means working together on the change there and then, equipping individuals and teams with the resources and skills to take change forward. My work brings together a solid understanding of psychology and the role of emotions in behaviour change, and I have a toolkit of models and frameworks to offer up to those I work with. This combines with a good grounding in systems thinking, taking into account the multiple and overlapping systems of which we are all part.
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